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We have a 7 day unconditional, no ifs, ands or buts, satisfaction guaranteed policy. If after receiving a piece it doesn't work, send it back for a complete refund, just let us know within 7 days . We also have an unconditional exchange policy, regardless of how long you've had an item, we will apply 100% of the purchase price of any piece towards an upgrade or exchange, or if you like we'll take it back and give you a 100% store credit. I don't think we could make it any easier!


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 SOLD A nice grouping of antique and vintage Christmas ornaments

  SOLD A mercury glass set of three galloping horses and a woman with a whip. I've had many mercury glass deer before but never anything like this. It's approx. 13" long by approx. 8" tall. One horse is missing a section of his leg but even with the damage it's one of the most impressive mercury glass Christmas ornaments that I've ever seen. There are thin black string reins that go to the womans hand. She holds a red glass whip in the other hand.

 SOLD - An anodized mercury glass deer Christmas ornament
 SOLD  An anodized mercury glass deer Christmas ornament
   SOLD We always have a large collection of vintage Christmas ornaments

   SOLD Antique Dresden German Candy Container Luggage Mint. This spectacular antique Dresden candy container is either a purse or a piece of luggage, like a satchel. It has beautiful pansy paper all around the piece. It still has it's original silk insides with drawstring. The lavender strap is now in 2 parts. The ripples that you see in the picture are not stains but just the paper design. There are no stains on the piece. One little edge on the bottom has an 1/8 tear but it has the lavender paper underneath so you don't notice it. These are usually in rough shape but this one is terrific. It is about 2" square all around.

 SOLD  An anodized mercury glass deer Christmas ornament

  SOLD An anodized mercury glass horse Christmas ornament

   SOLD - $ German Chromo- Litho Paper christmas bowl

    SOLD Antique Litho Christmas Card and Toy with Keds shoes Advertising. This wonderful piece is a lithograph card with great graphics of Santa Claus or St. Nicholas. It has a cut-out where you can see a hint of the present inside. It is printed by Dennison Mfg. Co. When you open the card, the gift is a little kid hanging from a parachute. On the parachute it reads "U.S.Keds The Shoes Of Champions". The parachute is silk, the kid is chromo on cardboard. He is printed on both sides of his body though the picture doesn't show it. The parachute has a few little holes as it is silk. I can just picture the child throwing this up in the air. The rods that hold the parachute are in great shape as is the kid. One side, by the weight has a very small tear but can be glued.There is a picture of that. The card is in excellent shape except for a couple of mouse chews on the top which correspond to the envelope, which is original.The color of the card looks mottled but it is not. It is a uniform tan. Someone wrote on the envelope " William G. Billings Union St." Then on the back of the card, in pencil, it says "Aunt Mary 1910 or 1911 $5". If you don't like that, you can erase it but it must be someone's try at genealogy. An absolutely fabulous find in terrific condition.

  SOLD An anodized mercury glass deer Christmas ornament
    SOLD Krystal Red Speckled Star Christmas Light bulb. This is a Krystal red and speckled star made of metal and plastic points. It has it's original paper back. No chips.

    SOLD 2 Peerless Bubble Lights Red Gold Christmas Light bulbs. I believe these are Peerless according to pictures in my picture book. One money buys the pair of lights.

   SOLD  3 Chinese Lanterns Milk Glass Christmas Light Bulbs. These lights are 3 1/4"long, not including the tassels. No chips. Paint is very good.

    SOLD Deco Dog Milk Glass Christmas Light bulb. This light is 3 1/4"long. Same image on both sides No chips

   SOLD - $450 - Feather tree with ornaments

    SOLD Matchless Red Purple Star Christmas Light bulb. This is a Matchless star with red points and a purple center.It doesn't have the light in the back. No chips.

    SOLD Santa Claus Milk Glass Christmas Light Bulb. This light is 4 1/4"long. No chips.Paint is very good.

    SOLD Parakeet Bird Milk Glass Christmas Light This light is 3 3/4" long. As shown in the photo.

    SOLD Canary Bird Golden Glass Christmas Light. This light is 4"long. Has quite a lot of it's paint left. No chips.

    SOLD Zepplin American Flag Milk Glass Christmas Light bulb This Zepplin is 2 3/4" across. It has great paint.

   SOLD  Wonderful Dresden paper guitar candy container. It measures 4" long. Everything on it, is original, from the strings to the strap. It is in excellent condition

    SOLD Snowman candy container


   SOLD - Description coming soon


   SOLD Snowman candy container 

   SOLD This Christmas bulb has great paint and measures almost 3" across. It has the American flag painted on both sides. I have no idea whether it still lights. The brass part (socket?) says "14V Japan" on it.

   SOLD This very early candy container is a box with a lithograph Santa coming out of a chimney. It has it's original string to hang as an ornament also. Measuring above the clock, it is just under 3 1/2" tall and over 2" wide. It is in very good condition for being from the late 1800's, just slight creasing where the die-cut top goes over the box. The box is made to look like the chimney. In one corner of the bottom of the box, is a piece of tape holding the corner together though from the outside, it looks fine.

SOLD -    $350 - Christmas tree fence by A. W. Drake Mfg. Co. Pennsylvania Ca 1920 - 30 - #6-2144-450

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